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Based in the rugged Allegheny Mountains of north central West Virginia, Ryan Snyder was inspired to build his first instrument--an F-style mandolin--after losing a close friend and musical mentor to cancer in the winter of 2009.  Snyder's passion for lutherie took hold and several more instrument builds soon followed. It wasn't long before local musicians started requesting custom instruments and Snyder Acoustic Works was born.  Snyder Acoustic Works remains a one man operation focused on building fine acoustic steel string guitars reminiscent of the highly sought after instruments of the "pre-war" era. 

“I was playing #06 yesterday and continuing to marvel at the steady sound that comes out.  She holds tune like a dream and feels better and better in my hands every time I pick her up.  For some reason she keeps leading me to Fogerty stuff.” 
--Jeff Greer

“Playing my guitar ‘Dragonfly’ is like holding hands with an old friend. I am so impressed by the way she plays and completely amazed at the tiny details and customization of this instrument. There is nothing like strumming this one of a kind beauty built with the exact specifications for my style of playing. I truly love this guitar!!”
--Lindsey Jaquay


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